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The August 7, 2014 Planning & Zoning Commission Meeting
Will Be Held at City Hall 1945 E. Jackson Rd. Second Floor, 7:00 PM

(Links below are to PDF files for individual case reports. Due to images, some files may be quite large.  For best results, "right-click" and "save target as" to your own hard drive, then open the PDF file from there.)

If you prefer a single file with the entire agenda, click here.


1. MINUTES: Approval of the minutes of the July 17, 2014 meeting.


2. Consider Final Action Approval For A Preliminary Plat For Parker Crossing For An Approximately 17.14-Acre Tract Located At The Northeast Corner Of Josey Lane And Parker Road (FM 544) And Zoned For The (LR-2) Local Retail District. Case No. 08-14PP1 Josey At Parker (Prelim Plat)/Halff Associates. Case Coordinator: Christopher Barton.

3. Consider Final Action Approval For A Final Plat For Salado Apartments. The Approximately 32.72-Acre Tract Is Located On The West Side Of Old Denton Road, North of Hebron Parkway And Is Zoned PD-164 For The (MF-18) Multi-Family Residential District. Case No. 08-14FP1 Salado Apartments/Cross Engineering. Case Coordinator: Christopher Barton.

4. Consider Final Action Approval For An Alternate Façade Plan For Con Agra. The Approximately 14.6-Acre Site Is Located At 1905 Country Club Drive And Is Zoned (LI) Light Industrial District. Case No. 08-14MD1 Con Agra Cold Storage Expansion/Vilbig & Associates, PLLC. Case Coordinator: Michael McCauley.


5. Hold A Public Hearing And Consider An Ordinance To Repeal And Re-Establish PD-175 For The (SF-5/12), (SF-7/16) & (SF-10/18) Single-Family Residential Districts, (SF-TH) Townhouse Residential District, (MF-18) Multi-Family Residential District, (O-2) Office District And (LR-2) Local Retail District With Modified Development Standards, To Allow The Additional Use Of Amenity Center On An Approximately 229.24-Acre Tract Of Land Located On The South Side Of Plano Parkway Between The Burlington Northern & Santa Fe Railroad And Parker Road (FM 544) Which Is Currently Zoned PD-175 For The Same Districts; Amending Accordingly The Official Zoning Map. Case No. 08-14Z1 Mustang Park 7 Amenity Center/Dowdy Anderson & Associates. Case Coordinator: Christopher Barton.

6. Hold A Public Hearing And Consider A Resolution For An Amendment To The Comprehensive Plan And The Future Land Use Map To Change An Approximately 11.56-Acre Tract Located On The North Side Of Trinity Mills Road Between Briar Hill Drive And The President George Bush Turnpike From Low Intensity Office And Medium Intensity Office To Single Family Detached Uses. Case No. 08-14MD2 Briar Hill Retirement (comp plan)/Halff Associates. Case Coordinator: Christopher Barton. 

7. Hold A Public Hearing And Consider An Ordinance To Rezone To Amend Planned Development District 44 To Remove An Approximately 3.91 Acre Tract And To Establish A New Planned Development District For The (SF-7/14) Single Family Residential District With Modified Development Standards And To Allow The Additional Use Of Community Care Facilities For The Elderly On An Approximately 11.56-Acre Tract Of Land Located On The North Side Of Trinity Mills Road Between Briar Hill Drive And The President George Bush Turnpike; Amending Accordingly The Official Zoning Map. The Site Is Currently Zoned (LI) Light Industrial, (O-4) Office And PD-44 For The (HC) Heavy Commercial. Case No. 08-14Z2 Briar Hill Retirement/TDG Carrollton II, LLC. Case Coordinator: Christopher Barton.

8. Hold A Public Hearing And Consider An Ordinance To Rezone To Repeal And Re-Establish A Special Use Permit For The Allowance Of A Used Car Dealership With An Accessory Automobile Repair Service Or Garage And A Paint And Body Shop With Special Conditions On An Approximately 2.5-Acre Tract Located At 1010 Hutton Drive; Amending Accordingly The Official Zoning Map. Case No. 08-14SUP2 Certified Autoplex/Kami Akhaveissy. Case Coordinator: Michael McCauley. 


a. Staff reports

VISITORS’ COMMENTS: Hearing of any citizen/visitor on items not listed on the regular agenda. Pursuant to State Open Meetings Law, the Planning and Zoning Commission is restricted in discussing or taking action on items not posted on the agenda. Action on the issue can only be taken at a future meeting.



The Planning & Zoning Commission holds regular meetings on the first Thursday of each month. Special meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month as needed. If a meeting date is canceled or postponed, notice will be posted at City Hall. The Planning & Zoning Commission follows the printed agenda.

The meeting is being taped; if you have testimony, please step forward to the podium and give your name and address prior to your remarks.

On zoning cases, the Planning & Zoning Commission makes recommendations to the City Council. The Commission's recommendation will be scheduled for City Council action approximately four (4) weeks after the Planning & Zoning Commission meeting. On final plats, replats, preliminary plats, reapprovals of plats and certain miscellaneous development applications, action of the Planning & Zoning Commission is final. Please contact the Planning Department at 972-466-3040, via e-mail or visit our website if you have questions or need additional information regarding any agenda item.

This building is wheelchair accessible. For accommodations or signed interpretive services, please contact the City Secretary's office 48 hours in advance of this meeting at 972-466-3021.

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