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Cover Page (Inside)






Table of Contents


Article 1



Article 2

Zoning Districts


Article 3

Zoning District Boundaries


Article 4

Newly-Annexed Areas


Article 5

Use of Land (With Use Charts) 

 Updated 12/15/15

Article 6

Interim Holding District


Article 7

Single-Family Detached Residential Districts


Article 8

Single-Family Attached Residential Districts




Article 9

Duplex/Triplex/Four-plex Residential Districts


Article 10

Multi-Family Residential Districts


Article 11

Mobile Home Residential District


Article 12

Office Districts


Article 13

Neighborhood Service District


Article 14

Local Retail Districts


Article 15

Commercial Districts


Article 16

Freeway Commercial District


Article 16.1

Interstate Overlay District


Article 17

Industrial Park District


Article 18

Industrial Districts


Article 19

Planned Development Districts


Article 20

Transit Center District

Article 20.1         

Corporate Commercial District


Article 20.2

Gateway Overlay District 


Article 20.3

Historic Preservation Overlay District


Article 20.4 "JBL" Josey-Belt Line Redevelopment Overlay District  

Adopted 08/18/15 

Article 21

Special Use Permits


Article 22

Non-Conforming Uses


Article 23

Adult Entertainment


Article 24

Off-Street Parking

Adopted 12/15/15

Article 25


Article 26

Outside Storage & Display

Article 27

Performance Standards

Article 28

Special Conditions & Development Standards 


Article 29



Article 30



Article 31

Changes & Amendments


Article 32

Board of Adjustment


Article 33

Planning & Zoning Commission


Article 34



 Updated 12/15/15

Article 35



Article 36



Article 37

Preserving Rights


Article 38



Article 39



Article 40

Effective Date


Appendix A





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