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Library ComputersLaptop Access


What do I need to use a computer at the library?
You need a valid Carrollton Public Library card, with no items overdue 21 days or longer, and with fees less than $10. You must bring your library card with you as library staff is unable to look up your number for you. Each family member who wants to use a computer at the same time needs their own library card. Non-Texas residents bring your Driver License to staff at the Information Desk for help logging in as a guest.

All computer users must abide by the library's Computer Use Policy.

Available computers read "You may use this computer for a maximum of 1 hour" on the screen. Computers with signs reading "Library Catalog" do not allow Internet access and have no Office applications.

How much does it cost to...

  • ...print? $0.15 per page
  • a 4G USB flash drive? $5.75
  • a set of earbud headphones? $4.00

What do I do when I get an error message when I try to log in with my library card?

  • "Pharos: User not found" - see staff at the Information Desk for assistance
  • "Pharos: Your account has expired" - bring ID with current address to the Information or Front Desk to renew your card
  • "Pharos: Excess money owed" - go to the Front Desk to pay your fees
  • "Pharos: Your account is blocked" - see staff at the Front Desk or Information Desk for assistance
  • "Pharos: Unsupported card type" - you made a mistake typing your number or are using another library's card number

What do I do if the computers are all in use?
Go to the Queue/Print Station where you will scan your library card's barcode to put yourself in line for a computer. Watch the queue monitor for your name to appear in the orange banner at the top. Once a computer has been assigned, the computer is held for 5 minutes for you to sign in with the library card number used to make the reservation.

How long can I use the computer?
Session time is 1 hour with additional time added in 10 minute increments if no one is waiting in the queue, for a maximum of 4 hours a day.

How do I print?
Use PRINT PREVIEW to be sure you will be printing what you want and ONLY what you want. NO REFUNDS are given for unwanted printouts. Printing is $0.15 per page. Cash is necessary to pay for printouts.


Scan the SAME library card used to log on to the computer at the Queue/Print Station to release the print job. Insert cash into the Coin/Bill machine at the Queue/Print Station. Step by step directions are available at the station. Logging off returns your change.

Where can I save my file?
The CD-ROM drive is READ ONLY. You can only save to a USB storage device using one of the 2.0 USB ports on the front of the PC.

What programs are available on the computers in the library?

  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Microsoft Word 2010
  • Microsoft Excel 2010
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2010
  • Microsoft Access 2010
  • Microsoft Publisher 2010
  • Paint
  • Calculator
  • Adobe Reader X
  • Microsoft Office Picture Manager

How do I hear sound on the library computers?
Headphones must be used to hear sound on the library computers. Earbud-style headphones are sold for $4.00 at the Front Desk or you may use your own headphones. The kind used for MP3 or personal CD players will work. The headphone port is on the front of computer. Volume can be controlled by using the volume control in the system tray in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Laptop Access

Can I use my laptop computer to access the Internet at the library?
Both library locations provide a wireless hotspot that is WiFi certified to the 802.11b standard. If your laptop did not come equipped with a built-in WiFi card, check with your computer manufacturer, the store where you purchased the laptop, or a local electronics store about getting a PCMCIA wireless network card that you slide into a PCMCIA slot on your laptop. For general information on how WiFi works, read the "How WiFi Works" article on

You must set your laptop to automatically detect the network. There are no passwords or settings for staff to give you since the SSID is broadcast:

  • at Josey Ranch Lake (1700 Keller Springs Rd.) - JRL Library Wireless
  • at Hebron & Josey (4220 N. Josey Ln.) - H&J Library Wireless

There are hot data ports in the Study Rooms and along the walls of both libraries marked by yellow starbursts reading "INTERNET ACCESS HERE." To use one of these ports you will need an Ethernet cable (CAT5) and your laptop must contain a network interface card (NIC). Your computer documentation may describe this network card as 10/100 Ethernet.

Note: Saved Internet connection settings may interfere with connecting. Be sure you know how to restore those settings before you disable them. For assistance contact your computer manufacturer, the store where you purchased the laptop, or a local electronics store.

You cannot print from your laptop to the library's printers. You must use a library computer to print.

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