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What if the item I want is checked out or at the other library location?
If an item is checked out or available only at the other library location, you may place a hold to reserve that item.

  • Items are held for 7 days once available.
  • You may place a maximum of:
    • 20 holds on an established library card - NEW limit as of February 1
    • 5 holds on a new library card during the first 6 months

How do I place a hold?

  • Place your own holds by using your library card barcode number and PIN/Password in the library catalog.
    • Use the "place hold" button for a single item.
    • Use the holds/export cart feature for to hold many items during one search session by following the directions on the holds/export cart help page.
  • While in the library, ask library staff at an Information Desk to place holds for you.
  • Call 972-466-4800 during library hours and library staff will place holds for you.
  • If you want to pick up an available item the same day as you place the hold, call the library at 972-466-4800 and staff will pull the item from the shelf for you. This can save you an unnecessary trip should the item actually end up being unavailable.
  • If you are in the library and the item you want is available at the other location, ask for help at the Information Desk. If the other building is open staff will call to have someone pull the item at the other building. This can save you an unnecessary trip should the item actually end up being unavailable.

How do I find out the status of a hold I have placed?

  • A free e-mail notice is sent when the hold is READY FOR PICKUP if:
    • a valid e-mail address is in your library account
    • you have NOT changed your preference for notices to Postal Mail in your online library account
  • A free postal mail notice is sent when the hold is READY FOR PICKUP if:
    • no e-mail address is in your library account
    • the e-mail notice bounces back as undeliverable
  • Check your online library account to see if a hold is READY FOR PICKUP:
    1. Log in to your library account with your library card number and PIN/Password
    2. Click the "check holds" button
    3. Look in the STATUS column:
      • If you see "Ready" you have until the "Pick up by" date to come check it out
      • Otherwise it will list your position in line (for example "4 of 13 holds")
    4. Go to the library listed in the PICKUP LOCATION column to check out your hold.
  • Ask staff at the Information Desk or call 972-466-4800 during library hours to find out your position in a long line waiting for a popular title.

I am going out of town or in the hospital and don't want to lose my place in the holds queue. What can I do?
You can freeze unfilled holds in your online library account. You will be skipped in the queue without losing your place until you log back in and unfreeze your holds. Library staff cannot unfreeze frozen holds. To freeze your holds follow the directions on the freezing holds help page.

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Last updated: 4/22/2016 12:12:09 PM