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Electronic Waste, or ‘e-waste’, is the name for electronic products, such as laptop computers and cell phones that are disposed of each year and enter the global waste stream. 

For Collection, please call Waste Management at 972-315-5400 and they will schedule a convenient, curbside pickup for you.

How can I earn Points for e-waste?

RecycleBank now offers an opportunity to recycle your electronic waste properly and earn Points at the same time. Through this program, our partners will keep your device out of the landfill and RecycleBank will reward you for your efforts with RecycleBank Points.

It’s easy to participate:

  1. After logging in to your RecycleBank account, visit the Earn page within My Rewards and choose the type of device you want to recycle. 
  2. Answer the device questions to receive a Points offer.
  3. Accept the offer and print a custom packing slip and mailing label. 
  4. Send your device to the designated recycling partner. 
  5. Once your device is received and reviewed, RecycleBank will credit your account with Points.

What types of e-waste does RecycleBank help members recycle?

Currently we facilitate the recycling of all MP3 players/iPods, cell phones and laptop computers through our partners at Collective Good, FlipSwap and Gazelle.

How many Points can I earn for my e-waste?

Points earned will vary based on device type, model and condition. No matter what the Point value, we work with our partners to ensure that each device is always recycled responsibly. Visit the RecycleBank eWaste page to input your specific device details to get a sense of how many Points you can earn. 

I just mailed my e-waste to RecycleBank's partner, when will I receive my Points?

Points will be credited to your account when our e-waste partner confirms that they have received and reviewed your device. This can take up to 6 weeks.

How long will it take for RecycleBank’s e-waste partners to confirm that they received my device?

Our partners will send you an email within one week of receiving your device. If you mailed your device more than two weeks ago and have not received an email confirming receipt, please contact the RecycleBank partner you mailed your device to.

Collective Good: 
    Phone: 303-339-4101 
    E-mail :  

    Toll-free phone: 877.235.4748 (Hours: Monday-Friday 9am-6pm PST) 
    E-mail :  

    Online form:

The RecycleBank Points I received in my account are different than my original estimate? Why would that be?

Points received may vary from the original estimate if our partners determine the condition and/or device type did not match what was originally described. We work with our e-waste partners to provide our members with an easy way to recycle e-waste. The most important thing is that your e-waste will be kept out of a landfill and recycled or re-used in a completely environmentally responsible manner.

Last updated: 10/4/2010 8:44:34 AM