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Bildner, Phil. Shoeless Joe & Black Betsy.
Shoeless Joe Jackson, said by some to be the greatest baseball player ever, goes into a hitting slump just before he is to start his minor league career, so he asks his friend to make him a special bat to help him hit.

Brooks, Bruce. Throwing smoke.
When his teammates on the Breadhurst Newts baseball team continuetheir losing ways, Whiz uses an unusual printing press to create several star players in hopes of winning a game.

Carlson, Ron. The speed of light.
Twelve-year-old Larry spends the summer before junior high school with his best friends, Witt and Rafferty, playing different forms of baseball and discovering the secrets of the universe.

Gutman, Dan. Babe & me : a baseball card adventure.
With their ability to travel through time using vintage baseball cards, Joe and his father have the opportunity to find out whether Babe Ruth really did call his shot when he hit that homerun in the third game of the 1932 World Series against the Chicago Cubs.

Johnson, Angela. Just like Josh Gibson.
A young girl's grandmother tells her of her love for baseball and the day they let her play in the game even though she was a girl.

Myers, Walter Dean. The journal of Biddy Owens : the Negro leagues.
Teenager Biddy Owens' 1948 journal about working for the Birmingham Black Barons includes the games and the players, racism the team faces from New Orleans to Chicago, and his family's resistance to his becoming a professional baseball player. Includes a historical note about the evolution of the Negro Leagues.

Ritter, John H. The boy who saved baseball.
The fate of a small California town rests on the outcome of one baseball game, and Tom Gallagher hopes to lead his team to victory with the secrets of the now disgraced player, Dante Del Gato.

Wolff, Virginia Euwer. Bat 6.
In small town, post-World War Oregon, twenty-one 6th grade girls recount the story of an annual softball game, during which one girl's bigotry comes to the surface.

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Herman, Gail. Just like Mike.
When Michael Brown's mother remarries and Michael's last name changes to Jordan, the kids at his new school expect him to be like his namesake on the basketball court, but unfortunately this Michael is terrible at sports.

Jordan, Deloris. Salt in his shoes : Michael Jordan in pursuit of a dream.
A young Michael Jordan puts salt in his shoes, hoping it will help him grow tall enough to become a famous basketball player.

Russo, Marisabina. House of sports.
Through a series of triumphs and tragedies at home, at school, and on the basketball court, plus time reluctantly spent with his elderly grandmother, twelve-year-old Jim Malone learns thatthere is a lot more to life than basketball.

Telander, Rick. String music.
An unlikely friendship develops between a lonely eleven-year-old boy and the professional basketball star whom he idolizes.

Wallace, Rich. Technical foul.
Jared, a high-scoring member of the Hudson City Middle School basketball team, gets angry when the point guard accuses him of being responsible for their string of losses, but finally realizes they can win only if he becomes a team player.

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Giff, Patricia Reilly. Rosie's big city ballet.
When Rosie sets her heart on being selected for a part in Miss Deidre's summer ballet performance, she has no idea that she may be chosen for something even better.

Grover, Lorie Ann. On pointe.
In this novel written in free verse, Clare and her grandfather must deal with changes in their lives when Clare's summer growth spurt threatens to end her dream of becoming a ballet dancer and her grandfather suffers a stroke.

Striegel, Jana. Homeroom exercise.
When twelve-year-old Regan begins to suffer from juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, she must face the possibility that her dream of being a professional dancer may never come true.

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Christopher, Matt. Long-arm quarterback.
Twelve-year-old Cap Wadell wants to play on a "real" football team, but his middle school in a small Texas town does not have enough players--until his grandfather revives interest in the game of six-man football.

Wallace, Rich. The roar of the crowd.
After years of playing nothing but soccer in Hudson City, New Jersey, Manny has to work very hard to play on the middle school football team, using determination, speed, and smarts to make up for being small and inexperienced.

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Carter, Anne. In the clear.
After surviving the horrors of polio, Caroline is ashamed of her leg brace and limp and dreams of playing hockey, but first she must overcome her fears.

Kline, Suzy. Molly gets mad.
Third grader Molly is jealous of Florence's superior ice skating ability but makes an interesting discovery about teamwork when she joins the hockey team.

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Christopher, Matt. Soccer duel.
Team rivalry threatens to spoil a budding friendship between a showy soccer player, Bryce, and soft-spoken but talented Renny.

Gikow, Louise.The big game.
A child who has trouble with some of the soccer skills finds an important role as goalie.

Krensky, Stephen. Louise, soccer star?
Louise's love of soccer and her high hopes for the new season are tested when she feels overshadowed by a talented new player.

Vyner, Tim. World team.
All over the world, children in places as different as Germany, Kenya, Japan, Australia, and India are practicing and playing soccer, all dreaming of winning the World Cup.

Story collections

McDonald, Megan. Sports stories you'll have a ball with.
Presents two poems and selections from five children's books involving sports, including "Practice" and"Soccer Sam."

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