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Deferred Disposition Request

You are eligible for Deferred Disposition IF:

  • You do not possess a CDL license (Commercial Driver’s License).
  • You have not participated in any deferred disposition program during the past one year, calculated from date of previous dismissal to the date of your current citation.
  • You are not currently participating in a Deferred Disposition in any other Court.
  • You have not received more than two final convictions for traffic offenses, class “C” misdemeanors or ordinance.
  • You are not charged with speeding in excess of 24 mph over the speed limit.
  • You are not charged with a violation occurring in a construction zone.
  • You have not already paid your fine which resulted in a final conviction in this case.
  • If you are under the age of 25 see below.*

Requests for a Deferral MUST be Made in Person or by Mail. If you are eligible you may sign up for Deferred Disposition by providing the following 3 items to the Court:

1) The Required Fee:

Alleged Violation Non-School Violations  School Zone Violations
1-10 MPH Over Limit $217.00


11-20 MPH Over Limit $237.00 $287.00
21-24 MPH Over Limit $267.00 $307.00
Stop Sign $217.00 $267.00
Red Light $267.00 $267.00
Improper Turn $217.00 $267.00
Fail to Yield Right of Way $217.00 $267.00
Improper Entrance/Exit Freeway $217.00 $267.00

2) The Deferred Disposition Request and Affidavit form (completed).

3) A copy of your valid drivers license.

* UNDER AGE 25 - If you are under age 25 and you want to request Deferred Disposition (probation) you will be instructed by the judge to a take a Drivers Safety Course (to be eligible for Deferred Disposition). YOU MUST APPEAR IN COURT.

Requests MUST be Made in Person or by Mail

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Last updated: 11/5/2014 4:31:39 PM