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News Review
Sprinklers Cause Unsafe Frozen Streets; May Result in Fines
Posted Date: 2/7/2014 8:00 AM
Frozen streetBusinesses and residents need to pay extra attention to their irrigation systems during these chilly winter days when temperatures drop below freezing. When temperatures near freezing, the City of Carrollton receives daily early morning calls to sand numerous roadways with frozen conditions as a result of irrigation overspray and overwatering of properties—not because of rain events. If you do not have smart controllers/sensors for your irrigation systems, consider installing them. Not only will smart controllers save you money by keeping your sprinkler system turned off when watering is unnecessary due to rain or freezing temperatures, but they will help eliminate potentially hazardous situations with ice on the road .The other simple alternative is to shut off your system manually until temperatures rise. The City’s Water Quality Team will issue warnings and/or notices of violation, as well as citations to offenders. Do the wise thing: protect the public and minimize the unnecessary expenditures of snow and ice control resources. For more information, visit