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First Scout Birds Return to Carrollton: Nesting Abatement Efforts Underway
Posted Date: 3/14/2013 2:30 PM

First Scout Birds Return to Carrollton: Nesting Abatement Efforts Underway

The birds that often precede concentrated egret nesting have been sighted in Carrollton this week and city staff have begun efforts to encourage them to relocate. Hand-launched pyrotechnics, "screamers and bangers," have been effective in keeping these yellow-crowned night-herons on the move thus far. As the birds become more accustomed to these, propane cannons will be deployed in the next couple of days in Carrollton. These propane cannons, although very loud, were extremely effective last year. Be aware that they may sound like gunfire.

Activity will most likely be focused in the areas affected last year, especially neighborhoods near Josey Lane north of Frankford Road. With strong neighborhood partnership, we were able to prevent concentrated nesting in the area and hope our efforts will lead to similar results this year.

As the nesting season is upon us, we are encouraging you to join this effort by taking the following steps before eggs are laid in nests:

  • Thin tree canopy to allow sunlight to shine between limbs and other trees
  • Remove old nesting material
  • Hang reflective tape and scare eye balloons in trees
  • Spray birds with water hose
  • Use air horns or other loud noises to frighten birds from your trees
  • Be a good neighbor and help those near you who may not be able to help themselves

Please report any egret or other migratory bird activity immediately to Carrollton Animal Services at 972-466-3420 or

For more information about egrets and other migratory birds, you may also contact Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife at 972-293-3841.