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Storm Drain Marker Campaign – Volunteers Needed
Posted Date: 11/8/2012 7:00 AM

Storm Drain Marker Campaign – Volunteers Needed

The City of Carrollton’s Environmental Services Department is searching for volunteers to assist in the Storm Drain Marker Campaign. The campaign is part of the department’s efforts to decrease water pollution through educating the community and ultimately minimizing the amount of pollution that reaches our ponds and creeks.

While many citizens drive or walk by storm drains everyday without ever giving them a second thought, there are a few who use the drains to discreetly and illegally dump used oil, anti-freeze, leftover paint, grass clippings and other trash. Contrary to public belief, these drains do not go to the wastewater treatment plant to get treated; rather they go directly to our surface waters.

Storm drains are designed to remove rainwater from our streets and parking lots to prevent flooding. Rather than piping urban runoff to the wastewater treatment plant, storm sewers empty directly into the nearest creek or pond. So anything dumped, poured or discarded into a curb inlet winds up polluting our waterways. In addition, rain that doesn’t soak into the ground becomes storm water runoff. When it flows over roads, parking lots and our lawns, the runoff picks up all sorts of debris and contaminants, like pesticides, fertilizers, detergents, dirt, automotive fluids and any other chemicals that may have been spilled on the ground. The end result is water pollution, which has an impact on all of us

To reduce illegal discharges, Environmental Services places Storm Drain Markers to inform people that what gets dumped into a curb inlet goes straight into the nearest waterway. The campaign goal is to place the markers on storm drains throughout the City. It’s easy and takes about two to three minutes to lay a marker in place. This is a great way for citizens to help their community, the environment and to increase public awareness about storm water pollution. To be a part of the pollution solution, call Environmental Services at 972-466-3060.