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Carrollton’s Storm Water and You
Posted Date: 11/8/2012 7:15 AM

Carrollton’s Storm Water and You
Storm water is rainwater or snow melt that flows over surfaces, like parking lots, streets, lawns and buildings, and then enters the storm drain system by the storm inlets (gutters) located in parking lots and on the sides of streets. The storm drain inlets are designed to remove water from the streets to prevent flooding. The storm water is then discharged to surface waters like creeks, lakes, ponds and rivers. The water that enters the storm drain system does not get treated before being discharged to the surface waters.

We want our storm water to be comprised completely of rainwater. Unfortunately, as rainwater flows over the surfaces already mentioned, it picks up contaminants and carries them to our surface waters. Contaminants can include motor oil, soap/detergents, paint, trash, pet and human waste, fertilizer and many other items. These contaminants pollute our surface waters. The result of the pollution can include fines and harmful effects on our drinking water supplies, recreation and wildlife.

Carrollton’s storm water permit from the state requires us to reduce the amount of pollution in our storm water. Carrollton relies heavily on YOU, our residents and businesses, to help keep pollution out of our surface waters and to report violators when you see them. Please call 972- 466-3060 to report polluters!