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Success Stories

More than 1,000 pounds have been logged and lost since our program began in 2012. Every quarter we will be interviewing and showcasing a different Get Fit! Carrollton user whose proud to share the story behind their success. This month’s success story belongs to Jamie Regal; read his miraculous story below.

Interview with Jamie Regal of Carrollton, Texas.

1. What was the turning point to make you want to lose weight?
When I was shopping for clothes and realized I could no longer shop in conventional stores.
2. How long did it take?
January 1, 2011 and still working. I’m not at my goal weight yet.
3. What motivated you?
I wanted to be my ideal self. Everybody has this mental image of their ideal self. I was always heavy and getting heavier. I didn’t really believe I could lose weight but made up my mind to do it.
4. Did you diet or exercise or follow any particular diet plan?
I did both. I stopped drinking sodas and made healthy food choices. I made simple changes and quit eating candy, cookies and junk food. I didn’t follow any particular diet plan. I worked out 2 ½ hours every day and just wanted to live healthier.
5. How much have you lost?
Nearly 100 pounds
6. What do your friends and family say about the way you look now?
They say I look healthier. They’re amazed and say I’m a fraction of my former self.
7. What can you do now you couldn’t do before?
When I started I was barely walking on the treadmill and would see people next to me just running. Now I’m running too!
8. Has your success influenced anyone else?
My mother is eating healthier. My brother started working out and has lost about 80 pounds. My friends are more aware now too.
9. Do you believe you’ve avoided any major health issues?
We have a history of diabetes in my family. I have not had to start on any medications.
10. How old are you?
I’ll be 32 on October 8.
11. Was our staff (at the Recreation Centers) helpful and encouraging?
The ladies at the front desk were very encouraging and motivational to me. (Kathy and Ana) They would comment on how well I was doing and that I was looking much thinner.
12. Did you take any classes or work with a trainer?
13. What one thing are you most satisfied with or proud of?
I’m proud of losing the weight. I’ve gone from 49” waist to 38” and a XXXL shirt to L.
14. Anything else you would like to share?
Working out in a community gym alongside neighbors and like-minded people is more realistic than joining a fitness club where all the body builders are. These are people just like you. You feel like you have a better shot at succeeding.
Yea! I can do this!

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