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Administration/City Manager's Office 972-466-3001
1945 E. Jackson Road, second floor

  • Oversees operations of all City departments
  • Keeps City Council advised on City’s services
  • Provides advice to the Council on policy issues
  • Coordinates implementation of Council decisions
  • City Secretary's Office
    • Election information hotline 972-466-3030
    • Code of ordinances
  • Resolution Center
  • Organizational Development
    • Employee Training
    • Employee Recognition
    • Employee Career Development
    • Management Analysis 
    • Student Internship/Mentorship

City Attorney 972-466-3025
1945 E. Jackson Road, second floor

  • Provides in-house legal counsel to the City Council, City Manager and City departments

  • Building Inspection 972-466-3225
    1945 E. Jackson Road, first floor
    • Administration and enforcement of construction and property maintenance code
    • Issue building permits and perform field inspections
    • Parking spaces – analysis and renewal of requirements
    • Certificates of Occupancy issuance
    • Review construction plans for new private development
    • Investigate construction complaints and perform code enforcements
    • Setback requirements
    • Contractor licenses and trade licenses (electrical, plumbing, mechanical, etc.)
    • Review and issue sign and banner permits
    • Collect building permit fees
    • Structure encroachment over platted boundaries
    • Perform construction inspections on private development
    • Permit counter, plan review and field operation (fences, carports, patio covers, decks, walls, antennas, storage sheds and swimming pools)
    • Offer pre-application and pre-construction meetings
    • Development review process
    • Encroachments on utility easements
    • Visibility obstruction – investigate and coordinate the removal of encroachment
    • Special events, block party, parade permits
    • Provide support to Board of Adjustment, Property Standards Board
    • Seasonal information – Christmas tree lots and snow cone stand
  • Planning 972-466-3040
    1945 E. Jackson Road, first floor
    • Provides information and advice regarding zoning and land use to enable people to make sound decisions about growth and development in the community
    • Handles applications for changes to the Comprehensive Plan and/or zoning, and makes recommendations to the Planning & Zoning Commission and City Council
    • Administers requests for Special Use Permits, and makes recommendations on them to the Planning & Zoning Commission and City Council
    • Processes applications for the subdivision of land ("platting"), and makes recommendations on them to the Planning & Zoning Commission.
    • Advises and assists applicants in the development of their property
    • Monitors the long-range needs of the community
  • Transit-Oriented Development 972-466-3042
    1945 E. Jackson Road, first floor
    • Encourages a higher density, mixed-use community with an urban aesthetic
    • Supports development near the future Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) stations

Economic Development 972-466-3391
1945 E. Jackson Road, first floor

  • Maintains and improves the City’s economic vitality
  • Includes a three-part strategy of business retention, expansion, and new business
  • Site selection
  • Available buildings
  • Trade development office in Taipei, Taiwan
  • New commercial investment within Carrollton
  • Retail Development Program
  • Calls regarding small business start-up, volunteer services, residential relocations, small business counseling are best served by the Metrocrest Chamber of Commerce at

Engineering 972-466-3050
1945 E. Jackson Road, first floor

  • Civil Engineering 972-466-3200
    • Coordinates design and construction of capital improvement projects (streets, drainage, water and wastewater utilities)
    • Reviews and approves subdivision construction plans
    • Permits and inspects installation of utilities in right-of-way
    • Copies of plats and construction plans
    • Flood plain information
    • Construction inspections
    • Monthly construction updates
  • Transportation Engineering 972-466-3050
    • Responsible for traffic services and transportation planning services for the city
    • Performs all traffic pedestrian and vehicle counts
    • Traffic ordinances, speed limits
    • Liaison with regional and state transportation authorities
    • School safety issues

Environmental Services 972-466-3060
1945 E. Jackson Road, second floor

  • Community Services 972-466-3060
    • Addresses improvement and stabilization of health standards, aesthetic qualities of neighborhoods and abatement of urban decline
    • Environmental and health hazards
    • Sign code violations
    • Septic tanks
    • Off-street parking
    • Zoning code violations
    • Junk vehicles/trailers
    • Dumping
    • Trash and debris
    • Housing code violations
    • Fence complaints
    • Restaurant inspections-food services (restaurant, day care, catering)
    • Illegal home business
    • Smoking complaints
    • High weeds and grass
    • Vacant structures
    • Political signs along streets
    • Cracked foundations
    • Vagrants in abandoned buildings
    • Ice on streets from water run-off
    • Landscape requirements
    • Living in campers
    • Food complaints
    • Apartment maintenance
    • Swimming pool inspections
    • Parking lot pot holes
    • Cars for sale on vacant lots
    • Outdoor merchandizing/vendors
  •  972-466-4299
    1945 E. Jackson Road, second floor
    • Help maintain and increase community sustainability of our community
    • Community Development Block Grant Program
    • Neighborhood Advisory Commission
    • Neighborhood Oriented Target Infrastructure and Code Enforcement
    • Neighborhood Enhancement Matching Grant Program
    • Neighborhood Registration and Resources
    • People Helping People Program
  • – Inspections 972-466-3060
    1945 E. Jackson Road, second floor
    • Pretreatment for industries
    • Grease traps
    • Liquid waste haulers
    • Water pollution issues
    • Environmental site assessments
    • Illegal dumping
    • Noise from industries
    • Chemical spills
    • Glare complaints
    • Odor complaints
    • Leaking water
    • Abandoned wells
  • 972-466-3420
    2247 Sandy Lake Road
    • Barking dog complaints
    • Bite reports
    • Cruelty to animals
    • Loose livestock
    • Licensing of animals
    • Wild animals
    • Stray domestic animals

Finance 972-466-3110
1945 E. Jackson Road, first floor

  • Accounting 972-466-3110
    • Accounts payable and City employee payroll
    • General accounting and financial reporting
    • Budget process
    • Sales and franchise tax information
    • Capital projects accounting
  • Administration 972-466-3110
    • Oversees and prepares debt issuance and debt administration
    • Manages investments of funds and forecasts
    • Depository bank arrangement and cash management
    • Oversees the City’s financial policy
  • Budget and Management Analysis 972-466-3110
    • Internal audit function
    • Prepares and publishes the annual City budget
    • Monitors all departmental budgets
    • Provides independent, objective assurance and consulting services to add value and improve the City’s operations
    • Evaluates the effectiveness of programs, services, internal controls and resource allocations through operational and performances reviews
    • Appraises the economy and efficiency with which City resources are employed
    • Analyzes, evaluates and manages the Performance Management Plan
  • General Services 972-466-3559
    • Operation of the copy center/print shop
    • Monitors and controls coffee and vending machines
    • Mail services
    • Manages copiers and fax machines
  • 972-466-3133
    • Procurement of materials, supplies, services and equipment including construction projects (not public works related)
    • Assists departments in preparing sealed bids, bid specifications and purchase orders
    • Controls the Purchase Order (PO) System
    • Maintains relations with City vendors
    • Ensures annual commodity contracts are available to departments
    • Supervises copy center/print shop and supply stockroom functions of General Services
    • Oversees the boot voucher program that provides safety boots to employees
    • Manages the sales of City surplus items through e-Bay
  • 972-466-4840
    • Workers compensation claims, auto and casualty claims
    • Coordinates City-wide property and liability insurance
    • Loss prevention, forecasting and loss control
    • Coordinates safety programs and safety training programs
    • Recommends and coordinates policy on risk management matters
  • 972-466-3120
    • Bills and collects utility water, wastewater and solid waste charges
    • Installs, disconnects, reads, repairs and maintains water meters
    • Responds to customers regarding billing questions for water and wastewater
    • Assists and provides information regarding water utility customers
    • Customer Service hotline

Fire 911 Administration and Operations 972-466-3070
1945 E. Jackson Road, second floor

  • Paramedic Emergency Medical Service/Ambulance (EMS) Response teams 911
  • Dispatch and deployment 911
  • Emergency planning and training
  • CPR group training courses – 972-466-4901
  • Fire Prevention 972-466-3210
    • Complaints and inspections
    • Under direction of the Fire Marshal
    • Responsible for enforcement of the fire code and all City ordinances that directly relate to the protection of life and property from fire and explosion
    • Determines origin and cause of fire
    • Promotes fire safety education throughout the community
    • Conducts building inspections to ensure compliance with City fire codes
    • Fire safe house activities for grades K-3
    • Schedules fire station tours

Golf Club (Indian Creek) 972-466-9850
1650 W. Frankford Road

Managed by EAGLE
Tournament services
PGA-qualified instruction by appointment
Driving range and two 18-hole courses
Rental clubs
Full-range of golfing supplies
Gift certificates
19th Hole Bar & Grill

Information Technology 

Libraries 972-466-4800
Carrollton Public Library at Hebron and Josey, 4220 N. Josey Lane
Carrollton Public Library at Josey Ranch Lake, 1700 N Keller Springs Rd

  • Information and access services
  • Print and non-print materials on a wide variety of topics
  • Computers with access for the public
  • Online databases
  • Preschool stories

Marketing Services 972-466-3593
1945 E. Jackson Road, second floor

  • Media relations
  • Internal communications
  • Community relations and issues communications
  • City branding
  • Promote tourism
  • Community events and calendars
  • Website development
  • Cable television programming
  • Promote City department programs

Municipal Court Carrollton Justice Center 972-466-3348
2001 E. Jackson Road

  • Provides clerical and support functions for Court proceedings
  • Serves as an information center for citizens and attorneys with pending court cases
  • Disposition for municipal court tickets
  • Warrants issued
  • Jury information hotline 972-466-4751

Parks and Recreation 972-466-3080
Administration - 1610 E. Crosby Road

A.W. Perry Museum 972-466-6380
1509 N. Perry Road

    • Preserves significant artifacts and memorabilia representative of the pioneer home life and community development
    • Provides educational opportunities for groups and individual tours
    • Facility rentals and parties
  • 972-466-3080
    2335 Sandy Lake Road
    • A preserved natural area for citizens to experience and enjoy nature
  • Park Maintenance 972-466-3160
    • Provides well-maintained playground facilities, parks and greenbelt area
  • Recreation Centers
  • Rosemeade Recreation Center, 1330 Rosemeade Parkway,
  • Crosby Community Center, 1610 E. Crosby Road,
    • Provides a variety of professional facilities, leisure classes and activities
    • Leisure Connections activity magazines are available at City facilities or online
  • Senior Center, 1720 Keller Springs, 972-466-4850
    • Provides programs and activities to citizens 55 years of age and over
  • Swimming Pools
    W.J. Thomas Center, 972-466-6376
    Rosemeade Rainforest Aquatic Complex, 972-466-6399
    • Operation and maintenance of City pools
  • Athletics 1330 E. Rosemeade Parkway, 972-466-9830
    • Provides well-maintained fields for league play
    • Provides athletic and sport opportunities for adults and children
    • Maintains 12 lighted tennis courts for league and individual play
  • Special Events
    • Hotline 972-466-9135
    • Plan and coordinate a variety of Recreation special events
  • 2531 Oak Creek Drive,
  • Amphitheater, 2035 E. Jackson Road, Reservations, 972-466-9800

2025 E. Jackson Road

  • Management Services
    • Administrative Division 972-466-3290
    • Controls and manages personnel, policies, equipment and resources necessary to affect overall police objectives
    • Fiscal management
    • Analysis and projection
    • Hiring and training of personnel
    • Community services
    • Planning and research
    • Internal affairs

  • Technical Services
    Dispatch 972-466-3333 (non-emergencies) 911 (emergencies)
    • Maintains radio, telephone, and computer communications for police, fire and ambulance
    • Non-emergency requests for service
    • Reports of illegal parking in handicapped spaces
  • Records 972-466-3345
    • File and input accident reports
    • Alarm permits and fees
    • Handbill and solicitor permits
    • Input offense and incident reports into computer
    • Uniform Crime Reports
    • Process, edit, file and maintain all cases with the Office of the District Attorney
    • Verify arrest reports
    • Maintain mugshot photo file
    • Liaison between officers and District Attorneys
    • Notify officers for District Court
    • Provide copies of offense, incident and accident reports
    • Provide public police information
    • Registrar of registered sex offenders living in Carrollton (972-466-3206)
    • Publish sex offenders on Police Web Page
  • Investigative Services Bureau
    • Criminal Investigation Division 972-466-3300
      • Investigate offenses involving adult and juvenile criminal acts and files cases
      • Filing of criminal cases
      • Crime hotline 972-466-3329
    • Investigative Support Division 972-466-3557
      • Victim assistance program
      • Secures and tracks property and evidence
      • Searches crime scenes
      • Narcotics Investigators
  • Detention Services Division, Carrollton Justice Center
    2001 E. Jackson Road 972-466-3335
    • Operates and maintains City jail facility
    • School resources officers
    • Citizen fingerprinting
    • Civil Security Corps
  • Operations Bureau 972-466-3313
    • Includes Patrol, Reserve Unit and School Crossing Guards
    • General patrol
    • Respond to calls for service
    • Investigate accidents
    • Preliminary reporting of offenses
    • Maintains reserve officer and school guard programs
    • Traffic enforcement
    • Tactical response unit

Public Works 972-466-3470
2711 Nimitz Lane

  • Water leaks, sewer problems, utility locates
  • Street repair, sidewalk repair, drainage services
  • Traffic signal problems, damaged stop signs
  • Streets/Drainage Division 972-466-3480
    • Maintenance and repair of streets, alleys, curbs and sidewalks
    • Weekly "Street Closures" listing
    • Street sweeping of major thoroughfares
    • Pavement crack and joint sealing
    • Pressure grouting of sunken pavements
    • Bridge maintenance
    • Brush and litter control within street rights-of-way
    • Street sanding during winter weather
    • Drainage channel maintenance
    • Control of drainage from underground springs in public right-of-way
    • Maintenance of storm sewers
    • Removal of obstructions from drainage culverts
    • Repair and replacement of guardrails
    • Screening walls (along streets); repair/repaint
    • Railroad grade crossing improvements
  • Traffic Operations 972-466-3480
    • Installation and maintenance of traffic control signs, traffic signals, school zone flashers and pavements markings
    • Perform vehicle and pedestrian traffic counts
  • Water Utilities Division 972-466-3470
  • Water Quality 972-466-3470
    • Drinking water taste and odor complaints
    • Water pressure complaints
    • Water main leak repairs
    • Utility line locates for construction or excavation
    • Water conservation and emergency water use management
    • Monthly bacteriological water samples
    • Backflow and cross-connection control program
    • Registration for cross-connection testers
    • Consumer Confidence Report
    • Monthly minerals analysis reports
    • Elevated water tower and ground storage tanks
  • Water and Wastewater 972-466-3470
    • Repair and replace water mains
    • Replacement of pavement affected by water main repair
    • Repair and replace sewer (wastewater) mains
    • Repair and repainting of elevated water tanks
    • Repair sanitary sewer stoppages and overflows
    • Install water and sewer service taps
    • TV inspection services of sewer mains
    • Fire hydrant valve maintenance

Solid Waste 
Waste Management 972-315-5400

  • Trash collection
  • Recycling
  • Bulk items
  • City wide trash routes
  • Commercial services
  • Household hazardous waste collection

Workforce Services 972-466-3090
1945 E. Jackson Road, first floor

  • Monitors compliance with state and federal laws including civil service and city policies regarding personnel issues
  • Provides recruitment, employment screening, benefits, classification, employee relations, counseling, policy development
  • Training programs
  • Organizational or performance issues
  • Comprehensive employment recruiting and screening
  • Policy development and administration
  • Benefits analysis and administration
  • Compensation plans, salaries, programs and direction
  • Coordinates civil service activity
  • Guides employee relations and coaching
  • Job hotline 972-466-3376

Contact Us
City of Carrollton
1945 E. Jackson Road
Carrollton, Texas 75006


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